Monday, January 31, 2011

Maybe I'm Dreaming

A second post today?
Well, sue me. I have no clue how the whole blogging thing works.
But I felt like posting again.
I know of only three people who've read this...
Hats off to you three, then.

What to write about.....

I could write about my reasonings behind the title of this blog.
Well, in English 2, we study idioms, and on one of the most recent lists we've studied was the title of this blog.
It basically means that no matter how crazy something seems, there's a reason behind it.
Stepping back and looking at my life, it's been pretty freaking crazy. I guess I'm just waiting for the method to all this madness.

I could also write about how good my life is....
Cheesy, I know, but it really is GOOD.
I have amazing friends, parents who love me (and each other), a super awesome boyfriend, a fantastic youth group, an absolutely perfect church (and pastors), etc etc.
Thus the title of this specific post. Maybe I AM dreaming. People wish for a life as good as mine. Are some things actually too good to be true?
I sure hope not, cause that would suck.
Then again, my dreams aren't even this good. (Just take my word for it.)

Who knows where this is going?
I'm bored and rambling.
That tends to be my thoughts most days. (as in, they're all over the place)

I guess that's all for now :P
Stay classy San Diego.
Oh wait...

Who Knows?

Eh, maybe I did it because I'm bored.
Maybe I'm finally bored with sharing my thoughts with those select few people.
Maybe I'm going to post every day.
Maybe I'll post once a week.
Who knows?
In the words of Bilbo Baggins, "I'm quite ready for another adventure."

So there.
Guess I'm setting off on the newest adventure that's being offered: having people know what I'm thinking.