Sunday, April 17, 2011

Power Rangers, Bionicle, and StressStressStress

Okay, I'm being a total slacker and blogging about this stuff instead of working on a very important project.

But today has been completely awesome.

I got to play with Power Ranger action figures and Bionicle parts and even Legoes.

And I got to see what it was like to relive some of the simplest times of someone's life.

We pulled the box of Power Rangers down and pieced some of them together again, and talked about old childhood habits and collections and just had fun.

I also got to watch a mad search for the lost box of at least 400 dollars worth of Bionicle sets and listen to muttered threats to family members if said box was sold.

I listened to jokes about being murdered under the house, and joked about not risking the giant spider to save a life.

And then, I heard the relief and excitement in what seemed to be a little boy as he found the box of Bionicle sets and pieces.

I laughed as he climbed down from the attic and nearly hurt himself in the process, insisting on doing it alone.

We played and searched in that box for quite a while.

I was taken home, tired, and quietly mused about not needing sex or touching or kissing or any of that usual jazz to be able to have fun.

I voiced aloud the worry over losing important parts of the project I'm supposed to be working on.

I got home and cleaned my room, organized my books, and my clothes, and got together a giant bag of old clothes to give away. I finished the required reading for school, and found the lost project information.

And now I'm quietly stressing about getting the rest of it done, and slacking off a little.

But, hey, after today, I needed a small break.

I feel accomplished, nonetheless.

And happy.
Accomplished and happy.

I think those two feelings go well together.

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