Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm irritated with my english class.

Sure, they're all nice people.

But today we had a choice.
And we all knew what choice the class was going to make.

And to those of you in said english who read this, don't take it offensely. And if you do, eh, that's not my problem. My blog, my rantings and ravings :P

My teacher always does stuff like this, because he's interested in the feedback and giving the students what they want occasionally.

Today, our choice was between reading another mystery play, or studying my all-time favorite subject: Egyptian mythology.

A little back story for both of those:
Apparently, SOMEWHERE along the line, after we read our first mystery play, we voted on whether or not we'd like to read another.
And apparently, 98% of us said we would.
One: I don't remember voting.
Two: I would've said no anyways.

I used to study Egyptian mythology and ancient history and stories about Cleopatra and Nefertiti and pharaohs for FUN.
I love it.
A lot.
So of course that's what I voted for.

But I'm pretty sure I'm the only one. (I wrote it in all caps, circled it, highlighted it, starred it, and underlined it about a thousand times. Just to show my enthusiasm)

Mr. Bell made it seem like everyone already voted for the mystery play reading, which I'm sure they all did, and it reaaaally made me mad when he said we'd vote on the classes best readers.

Well, it just so happens to contribute to my long list of reasons NOT to read the stinking play.

Not one single person, NOT ONE, myself included, can read aloud.
We all read in monotone.
And stuff.

So what am I going to do if we vote?
Write my opinion, of course.
That nobody can read aloud well.

There's my little rant about disliking democracy.
At least in english class.


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