Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It always calmed me.
Or made me want to dance in it.
Whenever it rained, a thousand thoughts popped into my head, swirling with the wind outside....
A thousand memories make themselves known as the drops of cold water splatter on the hard, wet ground.
Painful memories.
Happy memories. Dancing memories...
Poetic memories. Sweet ones, inspiring ones, heart-warming memories.

The harder it rains, and the bigger the drops, the more I want to go outside and dance in it.

The rain always makes people sad or sleepy.

But as for me, the rain makes me want to go PLAY in it.
I look out the window and see gray skies, and immediately inquire about that day's weather forecast.

My favorite weather IS the rain.

The rain has always been there, even in dry years....

During a drought, the dry, cracked ground soaks up the water falling from above happily, turning from brown to green again.

Flowers bloom.
Plants thrive.

It refreshes the Earth, revives your soul...

Inspires you.

I've written countless poems about the rain, including my favorite poem that I've EVER written.

It's soothing and exciting, cold in the warm...

I love the rain.

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