Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bright Side

I've forgotten what the still, stiff air of summer feels like.

Not that I miss it.

It's been super windy lately.

I can't tell if this hot, "spring" weather is irritating me, or making me happy.

I honestly only like the summer weather for two things: no school and swimming.

But it's February.
Nobody has gotten around to cleaning pools, or even uncovering them.
The water at the lake or beach is more than likely still freezing cold.

So no swimming.

Did I mention it's February? So that means I still have to go to school.

Besides complaining of the heat, the title of this post has a point, as most of my posts do. (I said MOST, not all. Keep that in mind for future use.)

I had someone close to me compare the clouds today.
On one side, dark gray storm clouds.
On the other, bright white, puffy clouds, sunshine, and blue skies.

I was kinda glaring up at the sky, having had a horrible headache almost the whole time I'd been at school till that point.
They noticed and made the comment "There's always a bright side."
In my irritated state, I retorted grumpily, "I was thinking the opposite of that."
And the response I got?

"Yeah, but there's still a bright side."

And that got me thinking.
And when I start thinking about something, I don't stop thinking about it until the subject has been thoroughly examined from every angle.
(Unless it has to do with school. I rarely enjoy the subjects taught to me.)

The bright side.
What does that even mean?
Well, think of the dark side of the moon.
We never see it, but it has to be there because we see the side that reflects sunlight.
But that's the point I'm getting at.
We don't see the dark side of the moon, even though it's there.

Yeah, you could say I've been feeling a little down lately.
But it's gotten a lot better.

So what am I getting at?
Who knows? (that seems to be a popular line with me lately. Cause I sure don't know. Not yet at least.)

So look at the bright side of things. It could ALWAYS be worse, no matter what you think.

If you're thinking you aren't smart, well, you have the mind of Christ.
If you think you're fat or ugly or imperfect, think about this: God made us in HIS image. We can't GET any more perfect than that.

There's always something to look forward to.


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