Monday, February 7, 2011

Back Again

Why, hello there.

Six days have gone by.

Oh well.
I'm back.

And here to talk about the weather!
(Because this blog IS technically about my thoughts. So there.)

Today, the weather here is absolutely perfect. Chilly, slightly foggy, gray and cloudy, and rainy.
I love depressing weather. Not because I'm depressed. God, no.

Today was the best day ever. I was in a fantastic mood all day, and when it was raining this afternoon, before my fifth period class, I took the loooong way, walking around the cafeteria, and splashed around in the puddles, and even danced in the rain.
I. Had. A. Blast.

Sure, I got some REALLY weird looks, but I merely waved at those people, gave cheery 'hello's and continued to dance.

And then I skipped right into NJROTC, and grinned at everyone, and even invited a friend to play in the puddles with me afterwards.

I had a great day.

Just thought I'd spread the love ;)

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