Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Writer's Block Quitter

I'm getting into the habit of two posts a day XD
I guess I DO like writing. A lot.

Speaking of....
I miss my characters. My plots. My stories.....

Why do I miss them?
Because of I'm what the title says: a writer's block quitter.
Every time I hit a bump in the road and am unable to come up with anything decent, I just kind of lose my will to write. What a terrible thing, too.
I should really do something about that.

Though I repeat names for characters quite often, they all mean something different to me.

I miss the newest characters: Charlie and her twin brother, Finn, and Sammy, and their tragic story spanning three weeks. Alec and Elliot and the action-y taste of their story. Insane James, quiet Jenna, the genius Miles.

Older characters: Christianna (Ian) and her impossible story. Marie and Ryan and the sickness rapidly spreading across a story of what resembles zombies.

NaNoWriMo characters: Charlie (but she's different than the other Charlie) and Danny and Ashur.

Most of all, I miss Evie and Will and Brandon and Hannah and Jordan and Colin and Sean and the rest of them. My favorite story, the one I've been working on for six years. Yes, six. I had the idea for two, wrote for two, quit for another two, and in the past two years, I've actually tried to get it somewhere. I want it published so bad....


I should really stop giving up.
And maybe share my talents with the world sometime.
Maybe I dedicate a whole blog to something I've written...

Maybe not.