Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Get Rich and Buy Our Parents Homes....

Sometimes you just want to sit back, and lose yourself in music and writing.

And trust me, sometimes you just need to disappear. Sometimes, you need something that will take all of your attention, something you'll sink into, and when you look up, you realize two hours have gone by.

Sometimes you need to be submerged into another world.

Actually, I'm not sure how other people out there feel about such things. This blog is about my feelings, remember?

Well, I'm telling you that sometimes, it is okay to lose yourself in reading or writing or drawing or painting or listening to music or making music. It's a healthy stress relief.

And we all have at least a little stress.

So right now, as my exhausted mind recovers from a busy weekend, I'm listening to a playlist on grooveshark, with mostly Ingrid Michaelson and Owl City. (Even though my favorite genre is heavy metal,  if you can believe it.)

It's mostly slow, sad sounding songs, but they make me happy. But that's just how it works in this maze of a mind.

Recently, I've been randomly inspired with several ideas for stories, and even the will to finish reading all those books I started to read and reread before Christmas....

(a few of you know how ironic this is ;) )

I can't wait to start writing again...
I've missed it. A lot.

Speaking of, we're starting poetry in English. THAT makes me excited.

You see, I lovelovelove writing short stories and the beginnings and excerpts from what I wish would become novels...But poetry, no matter how much I used to despise it, seems to be exactly what my brain does best. I find myself rhyming words and spilling my sad thoughts or happy moments into six, seven, or eight syllable lines....

It's amazing.
And even though Shakespeare is as boring as you-know-what, I love his sonnets. And even parts of Romeo and Juliet or Julies Caesar.

I'm excited to see how other people let loose their thoughts using words like me.

I might even let Mr. Bell read so of my work....

Nah. He isn't ready for that yet :D

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