Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have the overwhelming urge to watch Tokyo Mew Mew.
You know, that old(er) anime show?
I love that show.
For that matter, I love the mangas too.

Anyways, why do I love it?
Well, for one thing, I just love manga and anime in general. Is that bad? Well, if it is, too bad. Because I LOVE them.
Another reason is the theme song.
Yes, I said the THEME SONG.

"If we band together like birds of a feather, we'll be friends forever, going up, up, up."

After some googling, I learned that's from Mew Mew Power.
It's actually in English.
It's been forever since I've seen it......

Ahem. It's an adorable show. The characters are so cute!
Most anime shows are like that.
(Which is another reason why I love them.)

I love that line from the theme song though.

Basically, if you stick together, nothing can break you apart, and you'll just get stronger.

Several quotes come to mind:
"Two heads are better than one."
"Birds of a feather stick together."

Etcetera, etcetera.

The point I'm getting to is a simple one: I love my friends.

Though I have mutiple trust issues, yet they prove themselves repeatedly, and still I can call them when I need someone to talk to, or cry with.
I love you guys :DD
A lot.

So that's my mini-rant about friends.

Who are yours? Your TRUE friends?

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