Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's Going On?

I was going to write about the roller skating party I went to last night, but decided against it.
So, instead....
I've started writing again.
Like, legit writing.
Poetry, my stories, even random little things...

It feels awesome, sort of like diving into a pool when it's almost 100 degress outside.

Refreshing, calming, and a little exciting.

To get all this started, I wrote something specific.

I didn't just start writing something random that popped into my head, either. It's something I've had in my head for YEARS, and routinely rewrite and such.

Why do I love writing so much, you ask?


You know that feeling when you're watching a TV show, and you're really into it?
And then the dog barks, or the cat jumps in your lap, or a family member calls your name?

That's how it feels to be writing, and then look up, and realize you weren't really there, with the characters, but sitting at your desk, pencil in hand, or laptop open.

Writing is a lot different from reading though.
When you read, somebody else's ideas lead you through this amazing journey.
But when you make the path for that journey YOURSELF?
Well, it's nothing short of amazing.

Even if you don't like writing stories or anything, writing poetry is just as fun.

You start a rhythym, and rhyming words (or not rhyming, if you like writing free verse) becomes a breeze.
Everything starts to fit together, and then you sit back, poem finished, and smile at your handiwork.
You reread it, change a word or two here, rephrase a line there, and then your poem seems like perfection.

Yeah, I'm ranting again, as always.

People just don't understand why people like me love writing.
It's a hobby, and escape, it's just...fun.

Maybe one day, the world will learn to appreciate those of us who consider ourselves writers/ authors.

Until then, hats off to you fellow writers.
And go enjoy a cup of coffee. You deserve it.

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