Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bookworms and Harry Potter

Oh my goodness have I been busy.

I don't even know when the last post I made was. Of course, I could look and see the date, but it isn't like I'll remember exactly when that was.


So much has been going on.... Parties, Camp Overflow, summer starting, and reading.

Ohhh, let's get way off topic for a minute.
Or two.

I'm back to reading like I used to.

Multiple books at a time, even more books aching to be read or re-read...

I have somewhere close to twenty right now.

And before you stop reading because I'm a nerdy bookworm, let me just rant for a second.

First of all, reading is like breathing to me. I read all the time, and if I have nothing to read, I feel like I'm suffocating. I want to read all day, every single day, and not just one book. I read a few books at a time so I won't get bored. It exercises my brain, it helps me be multiple people at once, it gives me many different ideas for my own stories.

I love reading. Plain and simple. As a matter of fact, reading is my FAVORITE thing. I love it ten times more than I love writing.


Secondly, I really don't understand when people say "Woah. You read a LOT," and other such things.

I've been reading a ton since....forever. I don't remember reading, or learning to read, just that I used to love books by Dr. Suess, and Winnie the Pooh books, and other small kid books like that.

You're surprised at how much I read? I'm surprised at your surprise. It's just that normal for me. (And my family.)

And yes, yesterday I started a 234 page book in the morning, and finished by bedtime. Today, I started a 239 page book, and I'll have it finished by bedtime as well.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I'm also re-reading the fourth Harry Potter book?

I love to read.

Also, since I haven't blogged in a while, I might as well rant again.

Yes, I've read the Harry Potter series. I love them. I'm reading them for the third time before the final movie comes out July 15th.

I'm also a devoted-to-Christ Christian. I love my church, my church family, and my God. (A lot.)

And yes, the author of the Harry Potter series is Atheist or something like that.

But she doesn't incorporate that into her writing like other authors with her beliefs have. (Like Philip Pullman, author of the His Dark Materials trilogy. I've read those, too, but they were too....Yeah.)

That's why I love Harry Potter. Sure, there is a lot to do with witchcraft and wizardy, but I don't care.

At all.

And if religion has made you think that you're going to go to hell because you read those books or like them, or that reading them means you're a worshipper of satan himself, please, come talk to me so I can enlighten you and/or slap you.

I'm not going to hell because I have read and LOVED the Harry Potter series. I mean...seriously? Can't I enjoy a good book (or seven) without worrying about going to hell?

I read what I want because I am so rooted in who I am in Christ.

Now, if you just don't like the series because the author is Atheist or whatever her religion is, or you just don't like all the dark events of the book, that's fine.


There's my rant on everyday annoyances and occurances.

It IS my blog.

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