Friday, June 24, 2011

Music and Lyrics

I actually just realized that the title of this blog is also the title of an absolutely awful movie. (To me, anyway. You might love the movie....Everyone IS different, you know.)

But besides the two titles being the same, I just wanted to point out how much I love music.

I just do. It's one of my top three favorite things to do, right under reading and writing.

Music often inspires me to write scenes in my head or lyrics of my own (for poetry, though.... I'm not a huge fan of writing songs).

Also, I realized how amazing my God really is. Today we had yet another outreach with my church to Augusta, and because of the 38 people that went out, 191 people accepted Christ as their savior. And, of course, numerous other people were ministered to and healed. From all....four?....outreaches this week, 704 people overall have accepted Christ, and tomorrow is our last and potentially most amazing outreach to come.

Anywho. Other than the amazing things God has done in THOSE areas, I realized how well He plans everything out.

Just look at me.

I mean, I was born with the talents I have. According to my mom, I always made up stories and arguments for pretty much everything someone said to me. (Part creativity, part stubborness.)

I just marvel at my own thoughts sometimes. How I put things together and create the most random things....

Anyways, I'm tired, and I'm probably spelling really horribly.

So it's time to greet my nice bed.

I can't wait for outreach :D

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